Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Stay local and keep Wales safe:

  • always observe social distancing
  • wash your hands regularly
  • if you are meeting one other household, stay outdoors and stay local
  • work from home if you can
  • Stay at home if you or anyone you live with has symptoms.

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Booking Conditions
  • Bookings can be made by phone on 01656 782251 option 1 or email to [email protected]
  • Green fees must be settled in advance of your visit.


On Arrival
  • Gate access code to be sent with booking confirmation
  • Please use sanitiser adjacent to keypad
  • Leave a parking space between you and the next vehicle where possible
  • Arrive in golfing attire and change footwear in the Car Park
  • Observe social distancing always
  • Check-in at the Professional Shop


Professional Shop
  • Two people in the shop at any time, please be aware of the narrow entrance hall
  • Social distancing to be observed at all times
  • Please use the sanitiser provided in the entrance hall and showroom
  • Any purchases must be made using credit card (No cash purchases)
  • Transactions to be conducted with the use of a sneeze screen
  • Sanitised trollies available for hire
  • Range balls available for purchase


On the Course
  • Social distancing signage identifies first tee waiting areas
  • Benches, bins and bunker rakes have been removed
  • Do not touch the flagstick
  • Hole cups raised for simple, contact-free ball retrieval
  • Be generous with gimmies
  • Wait until the player(s) in front have left the tee box before progressing to the next hole
  • Do not double back to play again if a ball is lost, unplayable, or in a penalty area
  • Equipment, food, and drink must not be exchanged
  • Do not touch another player’s equipment or golf ball
  • Refrain from all bodily contact
  • Social distancing must be observed at all times
  • Any player(s) not following directions will be asked to leave the course


Food & drink

Until the 3rd August, we are open for outdoor food and drink Monday to Sunday. Hours of opening are 10am to 4pm. Drinks, sandwiches and snacks are available on the patio and verandah. On Wednesdays and Fridays we are open until 6pm.


Getting Home Safely
  • After holing out on the 18th hole, players must follow the one-way system round the back of the Clubhouse
  • Lockers cannot be accessed to store belongings
  • Ensure clubs and equipment are cleaned thoroughly after use
  • Players must call or email the golf club with any post-round health issues or COVID-19 related queries, at the earliest possible opportunity



General Data Protection Regulations allow information from visitors to be shared with NHS Test and Trace to help minimise the transmission of COVID-19 and support public health and safety. Any data recorded solely for the purpose of NHS Test and Trace will be disposed of after 21 days.

PLEASE Stay safe.